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The West Island Blues Festival is a community-minded venture with the expressed objectives of aiding non-profit organizations and promoting Blues in the West Island.  

Over the past nineteen years, we have donated over $300 000 to many West Island community organizations including: the West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped, the West Island Black Community Association, the West Island Women’s Shelter, Literacy Unlimited, Alzheimer Groupe Inc, AJOI, the West Island Palliative Care and Portage.

Meet the Committee

Errol Johnson

President and Co-founder 

Dimitrios (Jim) Beis


Michael Doig


Andrew Carter

Honorary Member









Fay Johnson

Silvia Latour

Michael Stanley

Sharkie Tarakjian

Shaina Thornhill

Phillipe Voisard

Daniel Khoury

Mariam Laagad

Carine Dahab

Andrew_Carter-093 (1).png

Andrew Carter has been the number one morning show host at CJAD 800am Montreal for twenty years.  He believes in supporting local charities as much as possible and is excited about the great work done by the many charities supported by the West Island Blues Festival.

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